Monday, July 9, 2012

Israelis Live in Fear

Kenya Human Rights Commissioner, Hassan Omar Hassan

Former commissioner of the Kenya Human Rights Commission,  Hassan Omar Hassan, reacting to the news in some Kenyan newspapers planted by the Israelis which reported that two Iranians wanted to bomb thirty places in Kenya!".  

He wrote: 
"I hardly believe what Israel says. I add spoonfuls of salt to everything it says. They still live in the ‘invincibility’ syndrome and mentality. Thinking and believing that they can manipulate international public opinion. They perpetuate a myth of their ‘unparallel’ capacity in matters of security. So you live in fear of Israel and its designs.
You are concerned that they can spook your drink or engineer a fatal road crush through an ‘innocent’ tyre burst. That they have ‘dirt’ against you should you raise an issue against them! Your feeble soul is sworn to criminal silence and inaction. The Palestinian quest for self-determination becomes a ‘terrorist’ resistance. Murder and international crimes are justified under the guise of Israel’s security. 
Our ‘third world’ psyches are imbibed in the make-belief that their surveillance is ‘omnipresent’ and their intelligence concrete and irrefutable. And with the compliment of stooge intelligence organisations and pseudo security officers like the ones we have in Kenya, the myth is complete.
When we have the under-schooled ethnic zealots as managers of our security against the flambouyance and resources of ‘revered’ foreign intelligence organisations, you are an underdog.
Our security then becomes the preserve of foreign dictates. When the US wills it, you are published on some list. Terrorist sponsoring nation, terrorist this or terrorist that, suspect this or suspect that.
Through foreign-sponsored intelligence outfits and units, Kenyans are subjected to an unending spate of violation. Public accolade for these violations is spurned through conditions of fear and threat at times drummed by the uncritical media.
That’s why I was relatively impressed by part of the coverage by our local media on the alleged plot by Iran on Israeli targets or interests in Kenya. The world is no longer foolish. Kenyans reacted in the various opinion pages on taking Israel’s assertions with a pinch of salt.
In my travels while at the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, I witnessed a frustration of the US/Israel ‘movie’ tactics to stage manage and influence events to avert accountability for violations of the Palestinian people.
To shift focus from the real issues! Nations and governments that stood firm with the Palestinian struggle were rogue, ‘terrorist’ sponsoring nations. The narrative was and is that these countries desire the destruction of Israel and possess of have ambition in “weapons of mass destruction” or nuclear weapons.
On these allegations countries were bombed, towns and cities destroyed, hundred of thousands of its citizens killed and maimed, families shattered while others were embargoed and demonised."

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