Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hajj Guide: Pre-Hajj Preparation Tips - 3

15 Days to Go

1. Ensure Ehraam is ready, sorted and washed.

2. Ensure Khums is Upto date. 

3. Start Shopping and Packing.

4. Visit relatives and friends (the Ma'sumeen have recommended that visit relatives and friends before leaving for Hajj and seek forgiveness from them, while you are back from Hajj the relatives should visit you).

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Anonymous said...

Someone asked Imam Mohammad Baqir (as): "Why Hajj has been named "The Hajj of God's House "? "Imam (as) said: It means that the pilgrim has reached salvation.

Imam Baqir (as) said : " One prayer in the Masjid-al-Haram is 100000 times more valuable than one prayer in any other mosques."

Imam Baqir (as) says :"Begin your Hajj from Makkah and finish it to us."