Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hajj Guide: House of the holy Prophet (s.a.)

Door of the house of Sayyida Faatima Zahra (s.a.)
The Zareeh of the holy Prophet (s.a.) is divided into three. The  first third (near Baab-e-Jibraeel) is the house of Sayyida Faatima Zahra (a.s.). It is reported that she is buried there with her son Mohsin.

This is the house for which suratud Dahr was revealed, the house where her unborn son Muhsin died and the house where Imam Hasan & Husain (pbut) were born.

In the middle portion it is said that there is the space for one grave- for Prophet Isa (a.s.) beside the prophet Mohammad (s.a.)

Directly beyond Sayyida Faatema Zahra's (a.s.) house is a platform where a group of Prophet's followers called 'Ahlul Suffa' used to stay. They were homeless. The Prophet used to sit and talk to them after Salatul Tahajjud. Follow his sunna by reciting Qur'an after salaah.
House of the holy Prophet (s.a.)

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