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Hajj Guide: Stay in Arafaat

The Period of the Halt in Arafaat
There is consensus among the legal schools that the day of the halt in 'Arafaat is the 9th of Dhu al‑Hijjah, but they disagree as to the hour of its beginning and end on that day. According to the Hanafi, the Shafi'i, and the Maliki schools, it begins at midday on the 9th and lasts until the daybreak (fajr) on the tenth. According to the Hanbali school, from the daybreak on the 9th until daybreak on the tenth. According to the Imamiyyah, from midday on the 9th until sunset on the same day, for one who is free to plan; and in case of one in an exigency, until the following daybreak.
It is mustahabb to take a bath for the wuquf in 'Arafaat, to be performed like the Friday bath. There is no rite to be performed in 'Arafaat except one's presence there: one may sleep or keep awake, sit, stand, walk around or ride a mount.

The Limits of ‘Arafaat
The limits of 'Arafaat are `Arnah, Thawbah, and from Nimrah to Dhu al‑Majaz, which are names of places around 'Arafaat. One may not make the halt in any of those places, neither in Taht al‑'Arak, because they are outside 'Arafaat. If one were to make the halt in any of those places, his Hajj is invalid by consensus of all the schools, with the exception of the Maliki, according to which one may halt at `Arnah though he will have to make a sacrifice.
The entire area of 'Arafaat is mawqif (permissible for the wuqaf) and one may make the halt at any spot within it by consensus of all schools. Al‑'Imam al‑Sadiq (`a) relates that when the Prophet (s) made the halt at 'Arafaat, the people crowded around him, rushing along on the hoof‑prints of his camel. Whenever the camel moved, they moved along with it. (When he saw this), the Prophet said, "O people, the mawqif isnot confined to where my camel stands, rather this entire 'Arafaat is mawqif," and pointed to the plains of 'Arafaat. "If the mawqif were limited to where my camel stands, the place would be too little for the people." (al‑Tadhkirah)
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