Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hajj Guide: Visit Masjidun Nabawi and Prophet's Grave

Baab-e-Jibraeel, one of the entrance to Masjidun Nabawi
Baab-e-Jibraeel is the best door to enter Masjidun Nabawi, It is located to the North-West side of the Masjid, the side of Jannatul Baqee.
Seek permission (Izne Dokhool) to enter the Masjid for the ziyarat of the Messenger of Allah.
Translation of it is:
"O Allah! I am standing at the door of one of the houses of Your prophet and the family of Your prophet peace be upon him and his family.
May I enter, O Prophet of Allah?
May I enter, O Proof of Allah?
May I enter, O angels of Allah?"

As soon you cross the threshold (with your right foot), enter with humility reciting:
"In the name of Allah and by Allah and on the religion of the Prophet of Allah peace be upon him and his family.
O Allah! forgive me and have mercy on me and turn repentant towards me for You are most forgiving and merciful."

Then recite takbeer 100 times as you walk in.
Recite 2 rak'at salaah (namaaz) with the niyyat of Tahiyyate Masjid (a prayer of greetings to the Masjid).

Walking through the door you will  see a structure ahead and to the left. It is the 'Zareeh.' The nearest end is the house of Bibi Faatemah (phuh) whilst further to the left are the graves of the Prophet (pbuh), Abu Bakr and Umar.

Greet the Prophet (pbuh) whilst standing as near as possible, standing in his presence as though he were still alive in the physical world. He knows you are there, and that you have come to visit him. All your salaams reach him, for Allah sends angels to greet anyone from his Ummah who greets him.

Recite ziyaraah of the Prophet (pbuh).
After reciting ziyaraah perform 2 rak'at of salaah of ziyaraah.
Standing there raise your hands in dua and ask Allah for your needs standing in the presence of the holy Prophet (pbuh).

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