Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Important Historical Landmarks in Makkah

Rahma Mountain
1. Jabalur Rahma (mountain of peace)
It is makrooh to climb the mountain during the wuqoof in Arafa,
Situated in Arafa it is where prophet Aadam (a.s.) landed when he came to earth.
It is here that prophet Ibraheem (a.s.) had his dream of sacrificing his son Ismaeel (a.s.).
Pray 2 rak'at salaat and ask for forgiveness for it is here that hadhrat Aadam (a.s.)'s Dua of tawba was accepted.
Masjid Nimrah in Arafat

2. Masjidun Nimrah
It is an extensively developed masjid. Tha ahlul Kisa (a.s.) whilst performing Hajj prayed here and it is in this masjid that Dua-e-Arafa was recited by Imam Zainul Aabedeen (a.s.). It is situated in Arafa.

Masjid Khaif in Mina

3. Masjidul Khaif
Al Khaif Mosque is situated in Mina where pilgrims offer their prayers during their stay at Mina. It is 25,000 square meters in area and can accommodate 25,000 pilgrims.

Masjid Umrah

4. Masjidul Umrah or Tan'eem
It is a meeqaat for performing Umraah Mufrida for the Haajis.

Abu Qubais Mountain

5. Kohe Abu Qubais
This mountain range which was the first mountain to be created by Allah is all but destroyed now with palaces and tunnels.
However, a slight glimpse of what may have been a mountain may be visible. It is here that the Ark of prophet Nooh (a.s.) passed and paused.
In this mountain, prophet Aadam (a.s.) is buried and it was here that the Prophet (s.a.) split the moon in two with Allah's permission. (refer holy Qur'an 54:1,2).

Jannatul Mualla

6. Jannatul Mualla
To mention a few those who are buried here are:
Hadhrat Haashim,
Hadhrat Abdul Muttalib,
Hadhrat Abu Taalib,
Bibi Khadija,
Qaasim (the Prophet (s.a.)'s infant son) and many more
Jannatul Mualla was desecrated too by Wahhabi rulers in 1925.

Mountain of Noor

7. Jabalun Noor
There are no steps cut into the mountain as there are on Jabalur Rahma.
It takes quite a while  to climb to the cave.
Exhausted, think of Janab Sayyida Khadija (a.s.) who used to bring food to the Prophet (s.a.) everyday. There is hardly any space in the cave. A 'hole' (window) faces the Ka'bah. It is a breathtaking sight where the key word is 'Peace'.


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