Friday, October 12, 2012

Madina, the City of Messenger of Allah

Said to be Abu Ayyub Ansari's house in Madina
Yathrib was populated by the Jews who travelled there knowing about the coming of the last Prophet (s.a.).
Following the Hijra (migration) from the Makka to Madina, each resident wanted Messenger of Allah (s.a.) to stay with them. He said, he will stay wherever Kiswa (his camel) sits. Kiswa sits outside the house of Abu Ayyub Ansari (he was from the progeny of Tubba).
The place where Kiswa sat was designated as masjid and was bought from two orphans. This is the site of Masjidun Nabi (the 2nd masjid to be built. 1st was built in Quba on the way to Madina).

As soon as you see the city, remember that it the city of the Prophet (s.a.). You will be walking upon the very places where the prophet (s.a.) walked. You are in the city where Islam was established, the city where he still lives. Try to make no delay in going directly to the masjid.
Remember, that although you cannot visualise him in the physical world, it is he to whom you sent salaams to in every salaat (namaaz), he to who you owe your ne'ma (bounty)-ISLAM.
Raise your hopes in anticipation of meeting him. The city is called Madinatur Rasool.

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