Friday, December 7, 2012

Five Majalis at Mahim

The Majalis started from 5th of December 2012 and will end on 9th December at Mehfile Panjatan, Mahim. Off cadel Road, near Pakizah Bakery Dana Gali, Mahim.
Tonight is the 3rd Majlis to be recited Maulana Asghar Abbas of Mumbra.
The inaugural Majlis was recited by Maulana Karrar Husain Turabi and last night Maulana Jauhar Abbas was the Zakir.
Tomorrow Maulana Yusuf Husain Saheb will adorn the Mimbar, while Maulana Aziz Haider of Rehmatabad (Mazgaon) will end this five day event with his khitabat followed by replica (Shabeeh) of Taboot.
This 5 day Majlis programme is organised by Anjuman-e-Ghulaman-e-Panjatan, Mahim.
starting time of majlis is 8.30 PM sharp.
For information call at: 24473196

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