Monday, December 17, 2012

Azadaari is the Shield of Shia’ism

On Wednesday night, Khateeb-E-Ahle Bayt Maulana Zaki Baqri was stopped from delivering a Majlis at the Iranian Mosque (Moghul Masjid), Bhindi Bazaar. The ones who stopped him were also ‘Azadars’ from the community.
Maulana Baqri, however, has no complaints. In an elaborate interview with The Friday Journal, Maulana Baqri felt it were some misguided youths who were provoked in the name and love of Ahle Bayt (AS).
Excerpts from the interview:
What was the most diff icult moment for Imam Husain (AS) in Karbala?
The most difficult moment for Imam (AS) was that the Islam was being slaughtered by its own so-called religious people. Haafiz of those times had passed fatwas that Imam (AS) should be killed. Namaz with Takbeer and the killing  of Imam (AS) was the most painful moment.
When Imam (AS) was leaving the Khaima (tent) everyone knew he would not return.Imam’s (AS) last words were that Zainab, Umme Kulsoom, Sakina and Rabab now get ready for the hardships that you will have to undergo after he was martyred.

A lot of youths avoid sitting on Farsh-e-Aza, what should be done to bring them back?
This is the responsibility of all of us to make everyone aware. The biggest thing in Shiaism is Azadari, if the youngsters start avoiding it, there could be many reasons behind it. The perception level of youth has increased and preaching should be of the same level. And if he doesn’t get the content he is thirsty for he starts avoiding Majlis. So whenever he finds the preaching of his level he never misses it.
The biggest problem with youngsters is that they carry a vacuum within. Their thinking is different from what they are taught.
The second reason, which is more deeper, is that enemies of Islam are deviating the youth.
The enemy is aware that Azadaari is the shield of Shia’ism so they are now making inroads and deviating everyone. They are searching for ways to defuse Majlis-e-Husain, and to end the spirit within the community. By the grace of Allah, even after such attempts the youths do attend Majalis. Eventually it’s Allah’s (SWT) religion and he will save it from hardships.

Why are you being pulled in controversies? Why are you being targeted all the time?
Momineens are being confused and made to believe that Maulana Zaqi Baqri is against Azadari and against the chants of Nara-E-Hyderi.
Every year innocent people are brainwashed. The enemies do not dare to present my whole Majlis. They take my Majalis in parts to turn people against me.
For Example: If only Laa Taqrabus Salaah (Do not go near Namaz) is taken from Holy Quran the entire perception changes. The world would obviously ask for Ayats that follow.
Similarly, by breaking the speeches into pieces, one can defame any Aalim or religious personality. With things like this we can prove them Kafir, no matter how big or knowledgeable they are. The machinery behind this must be exposed and brought to light. The bloodline of these mischievous people who are against Azadari is doubtful. They have no relation with the religion. Those against Naar-E-Haidery have no relation with Shiit’e or Islam.
And the ones misinterpreting my Majlis, Inshallah, even they will have to answer before Allah on the day of Judgement.
I am sorry for the trouble momineens faced the other day. They feel I am against Azadari.
They are not my enemy, but they have a problem with someone, they think, is against the Ahle Bayt (AS) and Majalis. It is the love towards Ahle Bayt (AS) and therefore their reaction is natural.
They don’t know me and are only sincere towards Ahle Bayt. If they talk to me and spend some days with me, they will come to know about my beliefs and my thinking.
To know me and my thoughts Momineens can log into where over 1000 Majalis of mine have been uploaded. And if they find fault in any Majlis of mine, I am ready to become his slave.

Why do you think people protest in such a manner using Azadari as tool?
There is a troika of motivational factor, budget and manpower. If Majlis is attacked the roots of the Shiaism will start losing its grip. No one can harm Azadari given to us by Masoomeens.
Second is speaking against the Marjia’s and third is budget (Khums). These fitnas are being imported from the outer world. I request the momineens to recognise the enemies of Islam and the one using you. The day they get recognised, Inshallah many problems will be solved.

Basically, who are these people who are trying to create rift within the community?
Wahabis and Saudi Arabia are on top of the list, who are fully responsible for Shia killings and attacks on the economy of Shias all over the world.
Zionists also have their hands behind these mischiefs. They have found out that we can finish all the Islamic movements except Shia movement. And the only way to finish them is by entering the community.
They want to know why Shias are as firm and have stood their ground. They are turning our strengths into our weaknesses.

What message you want to give to the youths?
Lack of understanding religion is our weakness. I would request all youths to at least learn the basics of religion. For that, recite Quran with translation, perform Salah and attend lectures in madrasas where religion is explained properly. If the youth gains knowledge, he will automatically recognise the enemies. Request you to read Shaheed Murtaza Mutahhari, who’s books are available online. Your religion and your vision will be widened.
May Allah Hasten the reappearance of our beloved Imam Mahdi (AS).

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