Saturday, April 27, 2013

Extreme Torture in Hell

O Kumail! Let those who are not in Paradise be ready for the extreme torture in Hell, everlasting disgrace, shackles, bridles, long chains, large pieces of fire, neighbourhood of every devil, purulent drinks, clothes made of iron, harsh guards, blazing fire, and closed and locked doors. The inmates of Hell will be screaming, but, will not be answered; they will call for help but there will be no mercy shown to them.
They will say, "O Malik, would that your Lord put an end to us."
Malik will respond, "Verily you are to stay. Verily We brought to you the truth, but most of you despised the truth" (43:77-78).

O Kumail! I swear to Allah that we are the truth to which Allah refers by saying, "And were the truth to follow their whims, certainly the heavens and the earth and all those that are in them would have been ruined" (23:71). 

O Kumail! After staying in Hell for a long period, the inmates of Hell will call Allah, the owner of the Holy names, and ask, "Is there any hope for us?"
And Allah will reply, "Remain condemned in it, and speak not to Me" (23:108).

O Kumail! Then they will lose hope of ever escaping and their sorrow will increase. At this point they will be sure of their destruction for what they earned with their deeds and they will be tortured. Read More

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