Friday, May 3, 2013

Wahabi terrorists committing Terry Jones style anti-Muslim crimes

And I think that who are talking about sectarianism and are talking about Sunni and Shia..., well, Ibn Adi was one of the great companions of the Prophet [Mohammad] peace be upon him, and he was well known of his piousness and his well understanding of the message of Islam and he worked tightly with the companions and especially with Imam Ali, may peace be upon him and his family and that shows that these gangs..., I guess we cannot say about them that these are Sunni or al-Qaeda or al-Nusrah or whoever may talk about Sunnis, I think that they do not belong to any of the human beings in this world. They belong to the murderers, who are killing people and are trying to ruin all the sacred places and if they can ruin and put under rubble the Ka’ba there would not be a shortage from that.
                                                  Mohsen Saleh, professor at the Lebanese University
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