Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jannatul Baqie Protest Tonight at Zainabia

The date of 8th Shavval refreshes the sad memories of the demolition of Jannatul Baqi. The hordes who carried out this henious crime justify their actions based on selfish motives supported by false interpretation of the Holy Quran and traditions.
  1. They claim that building mosques over graves is Bid'ah.
  2. They claim that visiting such mosques is Shirk.
But is this the truth? What is the true concept of building mosques over graves and visiting them?
Click here to know what the Holy Quran says about this.

Stupidity of Al Azhar University, Cairo

An Al-Azhar student faces investigation for being Shi’a

A female student at the Al-Azhar College for Girls in Assiut is facing an investigation to ascertain if she is a Shi’a or not.
Mahmoud Shehata, dean of the college, confirmed on Monday that the student has been referred to the legal affairs department. He added that if she is found to be a Shi’a then legal action will be taken against her, according to state-affiliated news agency Al-Ahram.
Shehata also confirmed that the director of the girl’s dormitories Magda Thabit has been relieved of her duties following complaints filed by a number of students, reported Al-Ahram.
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