Saturday, July 19, 2014

An incident at Jannatul Al-Baqie

A Wahhabi Sheikh in Jannatul Baqie said to Ayatollah Qar'ati: 
"What do you proclaim to your Imams who are dead?"
Then the Wahhabi threw his pen on the floor.
Then called,
"O Zain El Abidine Give me the pen... No one answered him. 
Then called: O Muhammad Baqir Give me the pen... did not hear an answer.
Then called: O Fatima O Imam Sadiq give me the one answered him."
Then he turned to Ayatullah Qar'ati and said to him: Did you see how that they do not respond? They are dead.
Then Ayatollah Qar'ati looked at him and threw his pen on the floor and said: "O my God give me the pen ..did not hear an answer."
Ayatollah turned to Wahhabi and said: "According to your logic which is corrupt, God is dead because he did not give me the pen and this does not mean he is server for you."

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