Friday, September 19, 2014

Brief History of Fourteen Masumeen (a.s.)

Words of Wisdom

Imam Reza (a.s.):
"The mind of a Muslim is not complete except after he acquires ten merits: 
God accepts his good deeds when he is trustworthy, 
he sees as plentiful what little good others do for him, while seeing his own abundant good as little; 
he does not fret from being asked for favours, 
nor does he feel tired of constantly seeking knowledge; 
poverty reached in order to please God is better for him than wealth accumulated otherwise; 
to be subjected to power while trying to serve God is better in his regard than achieving power over his foe, and obscurity he prefers over fame." 
He said, "Whenever he meets someone, he says, `He is better than me and more pious.' 
People are two types: a person better than him and more pious, and one who is more evil than him and more lowly. 
If he meets the one who is more evil than him and more lowly, he would say to himself 
`Maybe the goodness of this (statement) is implied, and it is better that he hears such a compliment, while my own goodness is apparent and it is detrimental to me.' 
And when he sees someone better than him and more pious, he would humble himself before him trying to raise himself to his level. So if he does that, his glory will be higher, his reputation will be better, and he will become distinguished above his contemporaries."

Promotion of enterpreunership

All Shia youths are invited