Monday, April 23, 2018


Topic : 
Imam Mahdi (a.s): Our Responsibilities During His Occultation.⏳ 

 امام مہدی ع: دور غیبت میں  ہماری ذمداریاں  

Imam Mahdi(a.s): Daur-e-Ghaibat mein hamari zimmedariyañ
Minimum 500 - 1500 words

Age 15 - 35 years (Male & Female)

🛑Registration last date: 
25th April 2018 

Rules :
📌Essay can be submitted in 
English, Urdu or Roman English(Urdu)

Should contain Applicant’s name age and contact details, can be submitted in word format or handwritten.

 📌 Please attach your file and email on:

✍🏻Registration link :

💐Winners will be announced on 15th Shaban💐

🎁Prizes will be given to the best essay each from English and Urdu🎁
For inquiry and details contact or WhatsApp  
+91 7718087503

Organized By: Ahlulbayt Students' Network, Mumbai

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