Monday, June 24, 2019

Hujjatul Islam Maulana Sayyid Hasanain Kararvi Addressed Majlis at Rizvi College

On 23rd June 2019, Maulana Sayyid Hasanain Rizvi Kararvi addressed the Majlis for the Eisaal-e-Sawaab of marhum Saqib Akhtar Rizvi at Rizvi College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Bandra, Bombay, followed by Namaaz of Zohrain and lunch. The Majlis was relayed live on Zainabia Channel. About 22 Olama of the city were among the audience along with college staff & former Principal S.G.A.Zaidi.
The Majlis was on the 9th death anniversary of marhum 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Marhum Zaheer Abbas ka Chehlum

JULOOS E FATEMI (SA), Malad, Mumbai

Aah Jannatul Baqi 
Sunday, 16th June, 2019. 
2:00 PM

From Imambargah Baaqariya, Gate No-08, 
To Ramzan Ali School, Malwani Malad Mumbai.

Yeh Juloose Jannatul-Baqi Takriban 21-22 Saalo se Baramad ho raha hai, 
Aap sabhi ke Haq me Dua karta hu ki Maula ap Logon ko Is Juloos mein Shirkat Naseeb Kare 
Aur hum sab Jannatul-Baqi Ki Tameer Ke Liye Aur Aale Saud ke Khilaf Awaz buland karen 

Mumbai ki Tamam Anjumanon se aur Momineen se Guzarish hai Is Juloos me Ziyada se Ziyada Tadad mein  Shirkat karen. 
Is Message ko Dusre Momineen Tak Pahunchaye. Imam e Zamana (atfs) Ap sabhi ko Salamat Rakhen. Ilaahi Aameen.

Fifth Anniversary of Fatwa Against ISIS

Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s advice on the 5th anniversary of his fatwa against ISIS

June 14, 2019/in All News, Featured, Human rights, Middle East, NEWS BRIEFS, Other News, Shia islam, world /

SHAFAQNA– On the fifth anniversary of the fatwa (edict) that was issued by top Shia marja’a Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani against the ISIS terrorist group, his remarks addressing the people of Iraq was read by his representative Sheikh Ahmad al-Safi during Friday prayers sermons in the holy city of Karbala.

According to Shafaqna, A statement released by the office of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani reads:

Five years ago on June 13, 2014, the Iraqi Shia religious authority issued a fatwa from the Holy Shrine of Imam Husayn (A.S) in Karbala. The edict called on every able-bodied Iraqi man to take up arm and defend the country, the nation and its sanctuaries against the ISIS (Daesh) terrorists who had taken vast swathes of land and were threatening the Iraqi capital Baghdad as well as other governorates.

After this edict -which was al-jihad al-kifa’i or a collective obligation – was declared, Iraqi men from all walks of life, old and young, enthusiastically rushed to the battle fields and fought for more than three years against the terrorists. They displayed acts of heroism and made sacrifices to save the country and its sacred sites, they had tens of thousands of martyrs and injured. As the result, God Almighty granted them victory; they could defeat the terrorists, purge Iraqi lands of nasty aggressors and eradicate terrorists’ delusional state.
Full Story

Friday, May 31, 2019

Masjidul Aqsa, Qods

The Al-Aqsa Mosque, originally constructed about 20 years after the nearby Dome of the Rock, is Jerusalem’s biggest mosque.
Al-Aqsa Mosque

Its spacious interior, divided by columns into seven aisles, allows room for more than 4000 Muslims to prostrate themselves on the carpeted floor during worship.

Actually the whole area of the Temple Mount, known to Muslims as Haram esh-Sharif or the Noble Sanctuary, including all its minor domes, chapels and colonnades, is regarded as a mosque. It is Islam’s third holiest site (after Mecca and Medina).

The whole compound contains more than 14 hectares of buildings, fountains, gardens and domes.

It comprises nearly one-sixth of the walled Old City of Jerusalem and can accommodate hundreds of thousands of worshippers.

The name Al-Aqsa Mosque (also spelt El-Aksa) translates to “the farthest mosque”, a description relating to Muhammad’s Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and back.

On site of Solomon’s Temple

The mosque building was begun in the early 8th century and has been reconstructed many times. The lead-covered dome dates from the 11th century.
Inside the Mosque

The Temple Mount is the site of the first Jewish Temple, built by Solomon. It is also the location of a 6th-century Christian church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which was burned by the Persians in 614. The original mosque possibly converted the remains of this church.

During the 12th century the Crusaders used the mosque first as their royal palace, then as the headquarters of the new Knights Templar. One of the mosque’s many rooms still has the medieval rose window it had when it was a Crusader chapel.

The vast hall, 82 metres by 55 metres, has seven rows of columns (donated by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini during a 20th-century restoration).

There is no seating; the congregation sits and prostrates on the expensively carpeted floor. (As in all mosques, visitors must remove their footwear — not as a sign of respect, but to protect the carpet.)

Behind the minbar or pulpit is a rock, originally in the Dome of the Ascension, which supposedly bears the left footprint of Jesus.

Mihrab shows the direction of Mecca

The southern wall, one of the few remnants of the original mosque, has a mihrab (niche) oriented towards Mecca, Islam’s holy city. Near the mihrab is a small mosque, known as the Mosque of Omar (a name that is also erroneously given to the nearby Dome of the Rock).he original entrance passages to the Temple Mount during the period of the Second Tem
Forecourt of Al-Aqsa Mosque 

Under the mosque is a large subterranean hall. It leads to one of temple.

In the courtyard on the extreme south-west is a large building, formerly known as the Mosque of the Moors, which contains the Islamic Museum.

In 1969 an Australian tourist, Michael Dennis Rohan, attempted to burn the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The fire gutted the south-eastern wing, destroying a 1000-year-old pulpit given by the 12th-century sultan Saladin.

Rohan, a member of an evangelical Protestant sect, said he hoped to hasten the coming of the Messiah by having the Jewish Temple rebuilt on the site. He was found to be insane and deported. Source

Thursday, May 30, 2019

11-year old Iranian girl scores highest possible mark in Mensa IQ test

TEHRAN, May 27 (MNA) – 

Tara Sharifi, 11, has scored 162 points - the highest number possible - on the Mensa IQ test, two points higher than the estimated IQs of physicist Albert Einstein and cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking.

Scoring 162 points means that Tara is well above the so-called 'genius benchmark' of 140. 

"I was shocked when I got the result. I never expected to get such a good score," she said.

Tara took the test in Oxford and had to answer questions within a set time.

Tara's family is originally from Borazjan county in the Southern Iranian Bushehr Province.

"I knew she is intelligent but such a great success of her was unexpected to me," her father said.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Mosque that Was: Siraj-ud-Daula's Alinagar Masjid

With a population of a million Muslims, Calcutta or Kolkata has well over 500 mosques. While most of these mosques are from the 19th century, there are a few which are older. But what could have been one of the grandest and most historic mosques of the city, does not exist anymore. The mosque, established by the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Daula, would have existed in Dalhousie Square, the city’s central business district, and would have been a marker of the biggest armed conflict in the history of the city – the 1756 Siege of Calcutta.


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Friday, May 24, 2019

Juloos at Mahakali, Andheri East

'Shoot To Cripple' Policy

Israel's 'Shoot To Cripple' Policy Leaves Hundreds Disabled For Life In Gaza!
Israel has fired live rounds at Palestinian protesters since demonstrations began in 2018 against Israel's blockade of Gaza.
Israeli snipers targeted one part of the body more than any other: the legs.

1400th Year of Shahadat of Imam Ali (a.s.)

Remembering 1400th year of  
Shahadat of Hazart ALI IBNE ABI TALIB (a.s).
A Majlis has been arranged on
19th Ramazan i.e. 25th May 2019 
After Namaz of Maghrabayn.
Mahfile Masoomeen, Suhana Compound, Mumbra, Thane
Khitabat by Maulana.Ali Asghar Haidery. .
Organised by:
Chand bhai and Rizvi Bros & Sons, Mumbra.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Short Biography of Imam Hasan (a.s)

Name: HASAN(a.s.)
Father: ALI bin ABI TALIB(a.s)
Mother: FATEMA ZAHRA(s.a)
Titles: Mujtaba , Sayyed , Taqi , Zaki , Sibt, Tayyab
Kuniyyat: Abu Muhammad
Birth: 15th Ramadhanul Mubarak 3rd Hijri
Place of Birth: Madina Munawwara, Hijaz
Martyrdom: 28th Safar 50 Hijri
Buried: Jannatul Baqii ( Madina Munawwara)
Wives: Umme Basher , Khaula , Umme Ishaq ,Hafsa , Hind , Joda ,
Children: 9 sons 7 daughters (as per Marhum Tabarsi)
Killer: Muawiya through Joda binte ashas by poisoning
Age: 47 years
Imamat duration: 10 years

The Treaty agreed upon between Moawiya and Imam Hasan (as) tells us the following salient points:

1. That Moawiya should rule strictly according to the Holy Qur’an and the Sunna of the Prophet.

2. That Moawiya should not appoint or nominate anyone to the Khilafat after him but that the choice should be left to the Muslims.

3. That the people should be left in peace, wherever they are in the land of God.

4. That the persecution of the companions of Imam ‘Ali (as) should immediately be stopped; their lives and properties and families guaranteed safe conduct and peace.

5. That the cursing of Imam ‘Ali (as) from the pulpit should stop immediately.

6. That no harm should be done secretly or openly against Imam Hasan and his brother Imam Husayn or any of the Ahlul Bayt. (as)

This agreement concluded, Imam Hasan (as) went to Kufa, shortly followed by Moawiya who came there to take the allegiance of the people. In a speech delivered in front of Moawaiya, Imam Hasan (as) explained the situation clearly:

“O’People, Allah has guided you through our elders (Muhammad and ‘Ali) and spared you from bloodshed through those who followed (referring to himself). Indeed this (the Khilafat) is nothing but a passing phase, these worldly possessions keep shifting and changing hands."

History tells us that from day one Moawiya did not comply with any one of the terms of the treaty agreed upon between him and Imam Hasan (as) He trampled the treaty under his feet saying to the people of Kufa,”do you think I have taken power to teach you about Islam.

No, I have taken power for the sake of it and if any one of you tries to disagree with me shall pay a costly price of losing his head.(Taarikul Kholafa, Jalaluddin Soyuti)

Birth Anniversary of Imam Hasan (a.s.), the Second Imam

Friday, May 17, 2019

Maulana.Sayed Hasnain Rizvi Sahab, Moghul Masjid, 11th Ramadhan

Israel Presses the Case Against Iran, but Not for War

JERUSALEM — Israel has been providing Washington with intelligence about potential Iranian attacks. Its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has made Iran’s strategic ambitions an obsession. And as recently as February he floated the idea of war with Iran.

But analysts and former Israeli military and intelligence officials say the Israeli government is not angling for a full-blown war between the United States and Iran. Such a war, Israeli officials fear, could plunge Israel into a mutually destructive conflagration with Iran’s ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

The insistent pressure on Iran, analysts said, is instead aimed at either forcing Iran to agree to a nuclear deal far stricter than the existing one, or creating conditions dire enough for fed-up Iranians to overthrow their government.

[In the Middle East, fears that the Trump administration is building a flawed case for conflict.]

“Nobody thinks about regime change militarily, but to weaken the regime, to weaken the Iranian economy, and to make the people of Iran change the regime — this is, I think, the ultimate goal,” said Amos Yadlin, a retired head of Israeli military intelligence who runs the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv. “Another very positive result is a better agreement.”

Do MBBS/BDS/MD in Iran

Mahe Ramazan Food Basket Campaign.

🎥Video Topic:
Anfaaal Foundation Mahe Ramzan Food Basket campaign.
Follow Footsteps of Aimmah (as) and Support a needy family for a MONTH with a gift of Rs 2000/- only.

~ Channelizing Charity- 7700014515

Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Very Good Example

A very good example set by Anjuman-e-Haidery of Mira Road, Mumbai for their account presentation. Transparency makes an organisation and gain trust of the donors.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Iran’s Zarif Discusses Rising Tensions in the Gulf With Swaraj

Iran̢۪s Zarif Discusses Rising Tensions in the Gulf With Swaraj

While Iranian oil imports were also discussed, the focus was on suspending some commitments made under the Iran nuclear deal and recent developments in the Gulf of Oman.

New Delhi: On his second visit to India this year, the gathering war clouds in the Gulf weighed heavily on the talks of visiting Iranian foreign minister Javed Zarif with his Indian hosts.

He was back in Delhi for the second time in four months, but for the first time since the US ended Iranian oil import waivers for eight countries, including India, from May 2.

However, while Iranian crude imports did increase, it was not the top priority during the talks. According to Indian sources, the Iranians dwelled much less on oil imports than on the decision taken to suspend some commitments made under the Iran nuclear deal and recent developments in the Gulf of Oman.

After the meeting, Zarif told Iranian media that he raised the prospect of a false-flag operation to exacerbate the situation.

“We discussed regional issues and dangers that the policies of extremist individuals in the US administration are trying to impose on the region as well as concerns about the suspicious and sabotage acts that happen in our region, and we had earlier predicted that they will adopt such measures to provoke tensions,” he said, as per state-run Fars News.
Source for full story

Dua During the month of Ramadhan

To be recited after every waajib namaaz

Dua Sahr & Iftaar

Majlis on 23rd Death Anniversary of marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasanain Kararvi

Majlis was held at Zainabia. Maulana Ehtesham Husain Zaidi was the speaker.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

‘Tawhidi Swami and Imam Subramaniyam

Even before he landed in India, self-proclaimed peace advocate Imam Mohamad Tawhidi became a subject of contention. On one side, the ideological Right showers him with praise and promotes his views on ‘Islam’. On the other, maulanas in the country write to the Home Ministry against his visit to India.

Such is the impact of Tawhidi, who is currently in India to attend 'Arth', a cultural festival that will see more than 250 writers, scholars, artisans and artists from India and abroad participate.

Iranian-born Tawhidi describes himself as a peace activist and has faced extreme criticism from fellow Muslims for his radical and somewhat reformist views. Read Full