Sunday, February 10, 2019

‘Tawhidi Swami and Imam Subramaniyam

Even before he landed in India, self-proclaimed peace advocate Imam Mohamad Tawhidi became a subject of contention. On one side, the ideological Right showers him with praise and promotes his views on ‘Islam’. On the other, maulanas in the country write to the Home Ministry against his visit to India.

Such is the impact of Tawhidi, who is currently in India to attend 'Arth', a cultural festival that will see more than 250 writers, scholars, artisans and artists from India and abroad participate.

Iranian-born Tawhidi describes himself as a peace activist and has faced extreme criticism from fellow Muslims for his radical and somewhat reformist views. Read Full

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Anonymous said...

Tawhidi is a dhongi Imam. He is not recognized even by Shia Muslims in Australia. Tawhidi is staunchly pro-Israel and anti-Muslim. He is also in bed with Hindutva extremists.